Smoke Apron
Textile Smoke Apron

01 - Overview

Supercoil is outstanding for its flexibility in the implementation of made-to-measure solutions. The smoke apron consists of one web part up to 50 m in width and features a drop length of 9.5 m. It is designed for high time classes at temperature loads up to 600 0C (D) and 1,100°C (ETK curve – DH). If guide rails are used, the smoke apron ensures that zero smoke escapes over the entire width of the apron. Thanks to the ‘Gravigen’ drive motor the apron closes without external energy. Supercoil is also suitable as a floor-closing and partition-forming smoke apron and can be equipped with an opening that allows persons to pass. Furthermore, the clever design allows for a combination with the passable Stripecoil smoke apron.

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  1. 02 - Specifications


    The textile smoke apron is a CE and UL 1784 certified safety device designed for smoke control systems. It comes in two fabric options, Protex 600.1 A2 and Protex 1100.1 A2, with a verified compliance code of 0761-CPD-0060. This apron operates by closing from top to bottom and can withstand 1,000 closing cycles according to DIN EN 12101-1 standards. Its classification is DH 120 for smoke control and D 60 for fire resistance. The triggering mechanism is an approved hold-open system, to be installed on-site for enhanced safety.

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