Emergency Exit Smoke Apron
Smoke Apron for Emergency Exits

01 - Overview

The passable and floor-closing smoke apron. Stripecoil is the optimum smoke protection for foot traffic areas and escape routes – designed for the temperature class according to DIN EN 12101 to D120 (heat resistance over 120 minutes at a test temperature of max. 600°C) and DH30 (heat resistance over 30 minutes at test temperature according to the unit temperature curve. A width of only 3 m is sufficient to allow about 200 people ( including prams and wheelchairs) to pass through the passage per minute. A soft and yielding closing edge of the individual fabric strips helps to minimize the risk of injury. The smoke barrier closes without external energy thanks to the “Gravigen” drive system.

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  1. 02 - Specifications


    The Textile smoke apron is a CE-certified safety device in compliance with DIN EN 12101-1 standards. Constructed from Modutex 600 A2 fabric, it has dual verification codes: Z – 56. 429 – 916 and 0761-CPD-0060. This apron operates by closing from top to bottom and is tested for 1,000 closing cycles as per DIN EN 12101-1. Its classification is DH 30 for smoke control and D 120 for fire resistance. The triggering mechanism is an approved hold-open system, which will be installed on-site for added safety.

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