Accordian Design Smoke Curtain for Open Spaces
Smoke Curtain for Open Spaces

01 - Overview

Rectangular and polygon-shaped floor space of the smoke apronEdge dimensions up to 16 m and drop lengths up to 6 mFor high time class and temperature loads D120 (600 ° C)No remaining openings – neither in the upper area nor in the cornersNo supporting structure required – absolutely tight even in high pressure load situationsLow installation height of the housing of approx. 125 mm and a drop length of < 3.0 mAs standard with “Gravigen” drive system i.e. closing without external energy, fire-resistant cables are not necessaryRedundant drive systems provide fall protectionAlso suitable (approved) for use as a floor-closing smoke apron.

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  1. 02 - Specifications


    The textile smoke apron, featuring Ecotex 1100 A2 fabric, meets stringent fire safety standards with CE and UL 1784 certifications, ensuring reliability in smoke control scenarios. Verification from Z – 56.429 – 916 (fabric), IBS 08062415, UB 3.3/10-018-1, and 0761-CPD-0060 attests to its performance. It closes from top to bottom with C closing cycles, offering versatility with or without guide rails. Classified as DH 120 and D 120 under DIN EN 12101-1 standards, it can be equipped with an approved hold-open system or installed on-site, making it a flexible choice for fire safety and smoke control needs.

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