Fire protection closure as part of track-bound conveyor systems
Track Bound Fire Protection

01 - Overview

Single-leaf, vertically and horizontally closing fire protection closure for wall openings of web-bound Conveyor systems; separated and unseparated conveyor technology in the closing area.

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  1. 02 - Specifications


    The fire protection closure is a crucial component for track-bound conveyor systems, meeting stringent safety standards. It holds an ETA-16/0851 European Technical Assessment certification, ensuring its reliability. This closure can be operated in multiple directions – from top to bottom, from left to right, or from right to left. Its remarkable fire resistance, tested according to DIN EN 1366-7:2004 and classified according to EN 13501-2:2007, is rated EI1 90. It boasts impressive durability with 200,000 closing cycles in the vertical direction (C5) and 100,000 cycles in the horizontal direction (C4). Reopening is motor-driven, and it’s suitable for various conveyor system types, making it a versatile choice for enhanced fire protection. The materials used for visible surfaces include galvanized, RAL, and stainless steel V2A Material A-1.4301, offering both durability and aesthetic options. Note that it’s not designed for extreme environmental conditions, such as high humidity or extreme temperatures.

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