Fixed Smoke Apron

Smoke Apron for Specialised Areas
Fixed Smoke Apron

01 - Overview

Large dimensions are possible, unlimited widths, heights depending on prevailing wind pressure, pendulum suspended or fixed (in the side and bottom area), designed for time class and temperature load D=600°C, extremely low weight load on the building structure, fabric between 0.4 and 0.7 kg/sqm, very lightweight shield for continuous systems, e.g. tubes, ventilation lines, ventilation ducts, cable racks suitable (approved) also as a floor-closing smoke apron. The number of penetrations through the curtain can be continuously expanded and changed during the usage period.

  1. 02 - Specifications


    The textile smoke apron is proven to meet fire safety standards, with proof of usability through ASTM E84 testing for the fabric. It holds verification under Z – 56. 429 – 916. The apron is classified for fire resistance levels of D 60, D 120, and DH 120, conforming to DIN EN 12101-1 standards. This smoke apron offers reliable protection in smoke control and evacuation scenarios, making it a suitable choice for various fire safety applications.

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