Accordian Design Fire Curtain for Open Spaces
Enclosing Different Spaces

01 - Overview

Fire protection that goes around the corner: The base of the closure can be rectangular or polygonal with angles between 30° and 150°. Despite the formation of corners, no additional support elements are required. In addition to a closed polygonal shape, open systems can also be realised, which are fixed to the wall body with special guide rails. With the help of the standard “Gravigen” drive system, the fire protection curtain can be closed without external energy.

With Fibershield®-S, sophisticated sealing geometries can be realised and at the same time the requirements for room sealing over 90 minutes can be fulfilled.

  1. 02 - Specifications


    This textile fire protection curtain offers versatile protection options, including EI with a fire load-free zone, EW 90, and EI with sprinklers. It holds verification under IBS 08062416 and features Ecotex 1100 A2, Heliotex, and Protex fabrics. The fire load-free zone provides EI protection for various durations and distances. It closes from top to bottom and offers fire resistance ranging from E 30 to EW 120, classified under DIN EN 13501-2, with a focus on C1 closing cycles. This curtain is a reliable choice for comprehensive fire protection needs.

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