Thermally Insulated Fire Curtain (Large Applications)
Self Closing, Compact, Fire Protection (Larger Applications)

01 - Overview

Ideal for efficient fire protection of large dimensions: The textile fire protection curtain Fibershield®-P is approved for widths up to 10 m and drop lengths of up to 7.6 m. Larger dimensions are technically feasible. Different classifications can be achieved flexibly by using different types of fabric. The curtain can be moved with just one drive system. As standard, Fibershield®-P is equipped with the tried and tested “Gravigen” drive, which closes without requiring an external power source. With numerous design variants, Fibershield®-P offers plenty of scope for customer-specific solutions.

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  1. 02 - Specifications


    This textile fire protection curtain offers versatile protection levels, including EI with a fire load-free zone and EI with sprinklers. It holds general technical approval (Z-6.60-2127) and features Heliotex and Protex 1100.1 A2 fabrics. The fire load-free zone provides EI 30/60/90min protection at varying distances. Verified by multiple standards, it closes from top to bottom and offers fire resistance ranging from E 30 to EW 120, classified under DIN EN 13501-2. This curtain is a reliable choice for diverse fire protection needs.

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