STOEBICH Fibershield®-F.
Efficient long-term and weather-resistant fire protection: Self Closing Compact, Fire Protection (External Applications)

01 - Overview

The textile fire protection closure for openings in façades for installation outside buildings.

Efficient long-term and weather-resistant fire protection: Fibershield®-F is made of components that are tried and tested for outdoor use and offer many options for attachment to a wide variety of façades (with or without thermal insulation, with combustible or non-combustible insulation).

Drive and guide rails are heated regardless of the ambient temperature to ensure that, in the event of low temperatures, the gravity-fail-safe function works and that the lateral guide rails do not ice up.

  1. 02 - Specification Summary


    This textile fire protection curtain offers versatile protection levels, including EI with a fire load-free zone and EI with sprinklers. It holds general technical approval (Z-6.60-2127) and features Heliotex and Protex 1100.1 A2 fabrics. The fire load-free zone provides EI 30/60/90min protection at varying distances. Verified by multiple standards, it closes from top to bottom and offers fire resistance ranging from E 30 to EW 120, classified under DIN EN 13501-2. This curtain is a reliable choice for diverse fire protection needs.

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