STOEBICH Fiberseal-H. Smoke Curtain for Enclosing Ceilings Best in class ceiling smoke curtain.

01 - Overview

The horizontal smoke protection curtain for ceiling openings. The smoke protection curtain can be fitted below the ceiling or in the ceiling opening and is tested up to a width of 3 m and a drop length of 2.48 m. Larger dimensions are available on request. If required, tensioning cables attached at 1.5 m intervals provide the necessary stability to withstand the pressure load during a fire. Fiberseal-H is suitable for winding casings with floating or fixed bearings, and for roll-up casings with closing strip.

  1. 02 - Specification Summary


    These textile smoke protection curtains, constructed from Ecotex 1100-B1 fabric, provide reliable fire protection. They are verified under UB III/B-05-020 for E 120 fire resistance, ensuring high-performance smoke protection. These curtains close bidirectionally, from left to right or right to left, and use guide rails for precise operation. The motorized re-opening feature enhances convenience and safety. With C1 closing cycles, they offer robust smoke protection solutions for various applications, meeting stringent fire safety requirements.

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