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The Cleanlock web based interlock system is a game changer for industrial interlocking systems.

The Cleanlock comprises of custom built interlocks that offer control over all door and locking systems on the market (new or existing doors), while giving the facility management the ability to login via a browser and see the status of the interlock and all the associated components.

Door interlocking systems are used across a wide variety of sectors; pharmaceutical, food, banking etc. Offering hygienic access in to manufacturing/processing areas, and adding additional levels of security.

Industries that would benefit from this:

cleanlock doors
cleanlock doors

Interlocking systems are crucial in pharmaceutical manufacturing for example, as interlocked doors support good cleanroom entry and exit practices by only allowing one door to open at a time, preserving product integrity.

The Cleanlock has a network based user interface, so the facility team can log in to the interlock to see the status of connected elements (push buttons, locks, traffic lights etc), and can get notifications of breaches in airlock integrity.

With email notifications, the interlock can advise you immediately if there has been a forced breach or any other incident of note.