EFAFLEX presents the EFA-SST Secure, a pinnacle in the realm of both external and internal high-speed doors, setting the industry standard for secure, high-speed access. Designed for peace of mind, these doors feature robust double-walled aluminium with variable thickness options, making them a formidable barrier against unauthorized entry. The EFA-SST Secure operates three to five times faster than standard secure exterior doors, making it especially suitable for areas requiring the movement of high-value goods, personal protection, and in sensitive locations like banks and government buildings.


Key Attributes of EFA-SST Secure High-Speed Doors


  • Swift opening speeds up to 2m/s, significantly reducing the time frame for potential unauthorized entry and enhancing building security.

  • Capable of performing 250,000 cycles annually, offering reliability and consistent performance in security-critical areas, thanks to reduced wear parts.

  • Enhanced security with a double-walled aluminium design, creating a robust barrier against intruders.

  • Advanced locking systems, incorporating cutting-edge technology and mechanical locks for fortified security.

  • State-of-the-art safety features, including the EFA-TLG light grid technology with 27 beams, providing comprehensive protection.

  • Optimal safety for approaching traffic, ensuring a secure yet efficient flow.

  • High-strength poly-carbonate vision panels available, offering visibility while maintaining stringent security standards.


The EFA-SST Secure is not just a door; it’s a security asset, blending speed, durability, and advanced technology to deliver unrivaled protection for any facility.


Applicable doors: EFA-SST SECURE