EFAFLEX high-speed doors are specifically designed to meet the rigorous hygiene standards of the food processing industry. Our doors combine speed and durability, capable of up to 300,000 cycles per year, making them an ideal addition to any food processing facility.


These doors are engineered for both high-speed operation and optimal sealing, effectively guarding against drafts, humidity, and contaminants. This makes them versatile for various applications within the food industry, including production lines, washrooms, and freezer doors.


Key Features of EFAFLEX High-Speed Food Processing Doors


  • Quick opening speeds up to 4m/s, enhancing workflow efficiency.

  • Large dimensions available, accommodating sizes up to 10m wide and 8m high.

  • High durability with a cycle capacity of up to 300,000 up and down cycles annually.

  • Easy clean technology, tailored for the food processing industry’s hygiene requirements.

  • Insulated laths ranging from 40mm to 100mm, offering top-tier sealing and U-values up to 0.62.

  • Near-hermetic sealing options, ideal for freezers or cold-room applications.

  • Best-in-class safety features, including the TLG light gate, for maximum on-site safety.

  • Versatile designs including solid, insulated doors with options for vision panels and ventilation.


EFAFLEX’s commitment to quality and safety ensures that our high-speed doors are a strategic investment for enhancing efficiency and hygiene in food processing environments.


Applicable doors: EFA-SRT ECO, EFA-SRT EC, EFA-STT