EFAFLEX high-speed doors are the optimal solution for data centers, environments highly sensitive to temperature fluctuations. Our doors are designed to protect server integrity while offering high-security features, making them an industry-leading choice for data center applications.


Key Benefits of EFAFLEX High-Speed Doors for Data Centers


  • Rapid opening speeds up to 4m/s, minimizing air exchange and temperature variations.

  • Exceptional durability, capable of up to 300,000 cycles per year for at least ten years, ideal for areas with frequent access requirements.

  • Compliance with ISO Class 5 standards, ensuring cleanliness and controlled environments.

  • Long lifespan due to reduced wear and tear on components.

  • GMP-compliant and equipped with anti-static technology, essential for sensitive data center environments.

  • Near air-tight sealing under pressure, maintaining stable internal conditions.

  • Range of U-values from 2.8 down to 0.62 for effective thermal management.

  • Options for ATEX zones 1 and 2, enhancing safety in potentially explosive atmospheres.

  • Fire-resistant curtains with powder coating for added protection.

  • Insulated laths ranging from 40mm to 100mm, offering superior sealing and insulation.

  • Excellent sound and heat insulation, contributing to a stable data center environment.

  • Clear vision doors with up to 70% visibility, ensuring safety in high-traffic areas.

  • Almost hermetic sealing options, further isolating the data center environment.

  • Top-tier safety features, including the TLG light gate, for optimal on-site security.


EFAFLEX’s high-speed doors are not just an access solution; they are a critical component in maintaining the integrity and efficiency of data center operations.