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High Speed Door Systems - Implementation Considerations

Training aim

The aim is to educate all participants on the design and specification considerations when implementing high speed doors. With applications in warehousing, cold rooms, clean rooms and more, the focus

Learning objectives

Each participant should upon completion of this course be able to determine when a high-speed door application would be of benefit to the overall design. This course will focus heavily on the safety and energy savings of these particular high-speed door systems.

TThe control system integration and an understanding of interlocking capabilities will be explained in detail.

Course outline

  • Introduction to the various range of Efaflex products
  • Case studies for various applications
  • Special application case studies
  • Safety compliance
  • Energy saving
  • Control systems and activation
  • Interlock systems
  • Service and maintenance compliance

Trainer's profile

The course will be given by a combination of Ray O’Grady and Rob Gill.

Ray as founder of the company has vast experience in the various door systems and applications. Rob with his electrical and control system background will discuss the more electrical technical areas of the course.

Course duration

60 minutes total.

Who should attend

Engineers and designers who wish to further their understanding of high speed door systems and the implementation of same.

Assessment & certification

Attendance certificate issued for each attendee.

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