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Cleanroom Doors

CR series doors by Efaflex for controlled production zones. These powerful high-speed doors have a smooth surface structure and no protruding edges.

Therefore, they can be easily cleaned and depositing of particles is largely excluded.

Like all high-speed doors by Efaflex, the Efaflex clean room doors are enormously heavy-duty and require low maintenance thanks to their excellent quality. The most important argument for Efaflex clean room doors is, however, their air tightness which considerably contributes to saving costs in clean rooms, as well as their modular structure in a clinical design.

Depending on the model selected, these doors can be used for material or air locks.

Providing the highest quality high speed industrial doors, for controlled environments, external access, interlocks and clean-rooms. GEA provides all solutions for access within the Pharma/BioPharma industries. Speed, productivity, safety and hygiene are the four most integral needs when constructing a pharmaceutical plants. Adding high-speed industrial clean doors to your site will provide countless benefits with our best in class doors.

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